fish shaming [x]

jesus christ i’ve been waiting for this



aw I love this ;u;



Welcome my new Gelert, she will be in next week’s BC round!:D

Does anyone happen to have MiniMME14-B: Cherry Blossom String Lights UFT? 


No? ok


another gift for a friend!




tbh I see exalting like abortion after birth aka murder so I’m against it

how could anyone murder these poor innocent babies and pretend that they’re being “honored”

stop murdering dragons 2k14

Please tell me this is a joke

I hope that’s a joke because I laughed as if it was. 



It’s time for my Wishing Well Giveaway again.

How it works:

1. Reblog this post with the items (up to 3) that total up to 3 million neopoints.

2. Like this post for an extra entry.

3. This giveaway is open to everyone, so you do not have to be following me.

4. The winner will be selected via a random line generator on Sunday, July 27th.

Good luck everyone!


1) Stealthy Petpet Paint Brush

2) Any Gelert MP

3) uhhhhhh Royal RB!

1) Baby Paint brush

2) Brown Paint brush

3) Royal Paint Brush


I drew my friends Grundo hehehe I love grundos U///U



Cuando estoy al pedo hago éstas boludeces.

this makes me feel so nostalgic

not the neopets aspect obvi, but the glitter part

This reminds me of that one glitter page, Pity’s Glitters or something? I don’t know who if anyone else remembers it but my 8 year old self loved that page.


Candi was very excited for prom.

I am trading for this girl next month and I can’t wait. I came up with a character idea and am now just so excited to start working on it. ;u;

I started typing some of it up earlier this morning and I can’t seem to stop. 

Basically I’m getting my hopes up




TLDR: Neopets bans you for listing your gender/orientation but encourages writing about disabilities “because they exist”

You can’t make a TLDR if you’re going to completely skip the entire point of the question, oh my god.

TLDR: TNT tells you not to talk about your gender identity or sexual orientation because homophobes and bigots exist and they don’t want you to become a target. They do however allow submissions to the Neopian Times to contain characters with disabilities because it’s clear to everyone that having a disability is in no way a “lifestyle choice” and is less likely to provoke harassment.


lol…I can’t believe 200 people are following this blog which isn’t even a lot but for a blog specifically about neopets it probably is. So I’m doing a celebratory giveaway for you nerds.

  • FIRST PRIZE: 1m np…yes one whole million just for you. You can have this in items (don’t ask for like 10+ items or you get dung) or in just neopoints. As well as this, you get some art. Full color large effort etc. Examples: here and here. If I don’t think I can draw your request, I’ll outright tell you and ask you for something else.
  • SECOND PRIZE: One use avatar item, like Snorkle Snout or Bag of Peanuts. Let me know what you want. If you already have those avatars, let me know, and we will come up with something else. You will also receive a sketch. It will be a nice sketch, but it won’t be colored or painted or whatever. I might add SOME color if I want but it won’t be very fancy at all. 
  • THIRD PRIZE: 5 stupid items from my SDB. I will pick them. They will make me laugh. You also get a low effort and probably stupid drawing from me. 100% original art!

Ok rules. Only reblog once and you can like it once too. So 2 entries. I don’t want millions of crapples to deal with. Don’t make a giveaway blog? I don’t know why you even would. Seems like a lot of effort for a mostly mediocre prize. 

You can follow me if you want, it’s highly recommended. Not a requirement but a strong suggestion.

Um, giveaway ends 7/30, so in 5 days.